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What Is Concierge Medicine?

Concierge medicine is an attractive alternative for patients seeking a more personal healthcare experience. In exchange for a monthly fee, concierge physicians carry a smaller patient load that allows for more time with each individual. As a result, concierge patients receive benefits above and beyond what can be offered by traditional primary care, such as round-the-clock access to physicians and longer appointments with no waiting.  Learn more about the concierge medicine model.  >>>

Why Settle When You Can Have A True Partner in Health?

PartnerMD members enjoy 24/7/365 access to physician care, the most advanced physicals for early detection, and unlimited health coaching. Expect appointments that are at least 30 minutes long and start on time, same day response from your doctor, and coordinated specialist care – all delivered with care so personal, it feels like having a doctor in the family. See our full list of member benefits.  >>>

Integrated services focused on prevention.



Conversations based on trust and mutual respect are at the heart of everything we do. Expect a true partnership.

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Advanced Physicals

Advanced Physicals

Say hello to the most scientifically advanced physicals you can get—not to mention we customize them according to your needs.

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Your physician and health coach collaborate with you every step of the way, resulting in a holistic approach to your overall wellbeing.

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Healthy Reads

Understanding Concierge Medicine and If It's Right For You

If you're wondering what we mean when we say "concierge medicine", here's a great resource to get you started.

Concierge Medicine: Costs, Factors and Considerations

You want the more personalized care that concierge physicians offer, but you probably also want a good value for your money.

How to Use Your HSA or FSA for Concierge Medicine

Tax free accounts can help you save on healthcare costs in both a traditional or concierge practice.

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